Do we sound like a bunch of chooks or what?

Though ham radio enthusiasts often rail against CBers, with the eflux of time, it is more difficult to distinguish between the two.

From Innovantennas website, a caption to a pic of one of their antennas explains:

The 10-54MHz LDPA directional antenna at K4ANP. Sadly, Len caught one of the elements and vent it during installation but SWR 1:1.4 thorughout.

The emphasis of the SWR value is mine. They, as antenna ‘professionals', do not seem to understand the concept of SWR, and that by definition it is a ratio of greater than unity, ie the big number goes first. In fact if they just rationalised the ratio and expressed it as SWR=1.4 it would be briefer, clearer and more importantly, actually correct.

Little wonder hams not really understand what they are buying acquire bad learning from those who might provide accurate information.