Baofeng GT-5TP – first impressions

This article documents an initial checkout of a Baofeng GT-5TP.

Above is the GT-5TP with its supplied antenna.

Measured sensitivity:

  • 146.5MHz: -123.6dBm for 12dB SINAD; and
  • 438.050MHz -124.2dBm for 12dB SINAD.

Tx power output on fully charged new battery:

  • 146.5: 6.7W;
  • 433.05MHz: 4.8W

Measured deviation: 3kHz.

Frequency error at 433.05Mhz: 70Hz (0.16ppm).

The radio is supplied with a LiIon battery labelled 2000mAh.

Above is the discharge curve after three charge/discharge cycles. Capacity is just 65% of the rated capacity and there is some strange noise on the latter half of the discharge curve.

One factor contributing to poor battery capacity is the supplied charger which charges the battery to 4.15V per cell, and batteries probably rated on an aggressive full charge of 4.3V per cell (with reduced life).

Above, the supplied antenna has a noticeable hot spot a few cm from the base after 1min transmission at full power on 146.5MHz..

The battery charger works properly with input between 10.0 and 11.0V, it needs a nominal 10V power supply, and a converter for charging in a car.