Tunemate update


TuneMate is an accessory for Icom radios to make tuning an external ATU faster and more convenient.

The following video is a quick demonstration of TuneMate.

TuneMate has been upgraded to v1.10. The upgrade allows TuneMate to monitor the transceiver’s PTT or SEND line which is usually accessible in the SEND jack and / or ACC jack on the rear of the transceiver.

Monitoring the PTT line allows TuneMate to detect cancellation of a tune process from the transceiver end in those transceivers that do not send the cancel command on the AH4 interface (seems to be most of the more modern radios).

The updated project documentation is at https://owenduffy.net/module/TuneMate/index.htm.

I have a limited number of sets of programmed PIC chip + connector parts still available, price is US$9.50 each set + US$4 P+P within Australia. Contact me (webmaster) for details. Note this is not a kit, see the original article for more information.