Messi & Paoloni Ultraflex 10 coax cable

Messi & Paoloni Ultraflex 7 coax cable compared M&P UF7 with RG-213. This article does a similar comparison between M&P Ultraflex 10 and LMR400UF.

Both cables are of similar size, ~10mm overall, stranded centre conductor and foil+braid outer conductor. The shield stranding is different and the foil is copper in the UF10, aluminium in the LMR400UF.

Let's take the loss factors calculated for TLLC and de-construct the conductor and dielectric loss for each line type.

Above is a comparison of the cables.

Though both cables use a foamed PE dielectric, the UF10 dielectric loss is higher than the LMR400UF. Dielectric loss is less than conductor loss below about 10GHz, and conductor loss dominates below about 100MHz.

UF10 conductor loss is a little less than that of the LMR400UF, it uses a larger centre conductor and copper foil.

The matched line loss of the M&P Ultraflex 10 is about two  thirds that of the LMR-400-UF at 10MHz.

At frequencies below 5GHz, UF10 has lower loss than LMR-400-UF.