Chinese batteries – 5 x 2/3A 1.6Ah NiMH cells

On the back of failure to buy decent BN-V11U batteries for my theodolite (Chinese BN-V11U NiMH replacement battery), A fall back was to fabricate a battery that would fit in the battery compartment.

Above is a battery pack made from 5 x 2/3A 1.6Ah NiMH cells.

It was perhaps presumptuous to put the work into assembling the pack without testing the cells individually.

Above is a plot of three discharge cycles, the battery makes 0.9Ah, just 56% of the rated 1.6Ah capacity.

More Chinese cheating, this time they refunded 70% of the cost threatening to require return of the goods for a full refund (postage costs would be much more than the deficit).