Antenna Tuner Calibration Chart

Many of us use antenna tuners with HF radios and various antennas, and have noted the need for notes with the approximate settings for a particular antenna on a particular frequency or band, especially if the tuner uses a roller inductor.

I have designed a small form that provides for identifying key configuration for which the chart applies and a number of entries for different frequencies.

The configuration data includes:

The most common designs for HF antenna tuners have three tuning controls, a transmitter side capacitor, a central inductor and an antenna side capacitor. This are commonly labeled as tune, band and load respectively.

The table has four columns:

The form is A6 in size, and laid up in atcc.pdf (click to view / download) four to an A4 page. You could print the form on both sides to have 8 form images. If you cut the page horizontally and vertically in the middle you have four A6 pages with on or two forms. You could print the forms on medium weight card (120gsm) or just on plain bond and insert them in A6 clear display sleeves (eg Marbig ref 200-6700, Advance 04 0560), which you should be able to get from your stationers.

An alternative format better suited to ATUs with the inductor on the right hand side is atcc2.pdf.

If you write on the form in soft pencil, you can revise them easily without making a big mess. 

Here is an example of the charts use:

Antenna Tuner Calibration Chart

Antenna 4BTV
Cable 10m RG213
Date 17/03/2001
Notes MFJ-969
Frequency Tx C Inductor Ant C
3.600 2.5 85 3.5
7.080 3.5 109 2.5
14.150 3.5 118 4.5
21.150 1.5 120 3.0
28.6 1.5 120 4.0

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